Philosophy of Athletics

           Education extends beyond the classroom and athletics is a prime example of that. I believe that athletics plays a major role in education. Within any school system, educators want their students to not only develop academically, but as a person as well. I believe that athletics can help students develop morally and ethically. Learning how to be leader, working with teammates, and making important decisions are things that can be learned through athletics and translated into one’s future. I also believe that athletics can help with the student’s academics as well.  I want to coach because I can help students grow as individuals and instill a
            As stated before, I believe athletics can helps students grow in a multitude of ways. What I value about athletics is working with a group of people and transforming their lives. I have a wealth of knowledge that I can pass down to help players learn. What I also value about athletics is that its fun. Nothing makes me happier than having fun and providing fun for others.
            With any coach, everyone has his or her own coaching style. My coaching style is about creating and maintaining positive relationships with my players, staff, and community. I believe that you should treat people with respect and this extends beyond the players, staff, and community. This means treating officials and parents with respect too. Parents have a vital influence over an entire program and I am a firm believer in getting parents supports. As a coach, I will use the community for support for the program and hold community events to get them involved.
            Only a few select people have shaped my values, but all of them have been very significant. My father has played the most important role in shaping my philosophy because of knowledge of multiple sports, but more importantly he has instilled a moral compass in me. Legendary coach John Wooden has provided me with inspiration due to his incredible winning mentality yet doing it with class and style. Working with different programs at different levels will have an impact on my philosophy to a degree. As you move up to higher levels, winning becomes more important, but my goal of developing the players as good people will not cease. 

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